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Running the World's Most Successful Drumming Magazine with David Frangioni

David Frangioni is the publisher at Modern Drummer. David has had a long career as a musician, producer, entrepreneur and author. In this episode he shares insight into his work at Modern Drummer, his career and his interesting life story.

Growing an innovative media company for LGBTQ women with Ebone Bell

Ebone Bell is the founder and editor-in-chief of Tagg Magazine.Tagg is an innovative, LGBTQ women-focused magazine, website and podcast serving communities across the country. In this episode we discuss growing a media brand for an underserved audience, connecting with advertisers and sponsors by adding value, expanding from one city to a national level, newsletter strategies and much more!

All about Newspack with Steve Beatty

Steve Beatty is the "communications guy" at Newspack. Newspack is a next-gen opensource publishing and revenue generation platform for WordPress publishers. We go through the ins and outs of Newspack in this interview, and get some great stories, insights, and perspectives from Steve on the digital publishing business in general.

Building a publishing machine and serving a niche technical audience with Bill Doerrfeld

Bill Doerrfeld is a tech journalist and Editor-in-Chief at Nordic APIs. Nordic APIs disseminate high impact thought leadership on the API economy - creating blog posts, eBooks, webinars, and conferences to serve their expert audience. We had a great conversation that will be interesting to anyone building a tech publishing brand.

Blockchain Publishing and Tech Journalism to Events and Elearning with Sven Wagenknecht

Sven Wagenknecht is the Editor-in-chief of BTC-ECHO, a German digital publication covering cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Check out this episode to learn about how they grew a brand new publication into an impressive business and their exciting plans for the future.

Growing a New Media Brand and Cultivating Diverse Revenue Streams with Juliana Koranteng

In this episode Juliana Koranteng goes into how and why she set up Mediatainment Finance, how the brand has evolved over the years, her thought process as an entrepreneurial publisher and many more topics. This is a great episode packed with great stories and insights.

Carmen Guillen - Honesty and Transparency to Build Trust with your Audience

Carmen Guillen is the Editor in Chief at Unfold magazine, a publication for professional communicators. In this episode we get deep into how to connect with readers, staying human in your communication, and ethical marketing. We also get into new tech trends, the "slow" movement and many other topics.

Publisher Profile: Margarita Khartanovich From Binary District

Margarita is a Business and Tech Writer and PhD Candidate in Journalism at the University of Tampere. Her current role is Editor in Chief at Binary District Journal, where she is on a mission to spotlight the brains behind the innovations and keep her audience up to date on cutting edge tech.

Entrepreneurship in Publishing with Jeremy Caplan

In this episode I'm joined by Jeremy Caplan. Jeremy heads up The Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY. We discussed the current state of Entrepreneurial publishing, and the conversation was packed with fascinating insights and actionable pointers. A must listen if you're involved in a news startup or you have some ideas for your own venture.

Making Publishing Pay With Mary Walter-Brown

In this episode I talk with Mary Walter Brown. Mary is the CEO of the News Revenue Hub. We talk about the important work they're doing at The Hub, and get into a lot of strategies and advice that publishers can use to generate more revenue and thrive in a financially challenging era.

Solving The Membership Puzzle With Emily Goligoski

Emily Goligoski is the research director for the Membership Puzzle Project. In this episode we talk about her research, and what they've learned at the project about growing thriving membership programs. This conversation was packed full of information and insights, enjoy!

Social Media For Digital Publishers with Apryl Pilolli

Apryl Pilolli is the head of innovation at Social News Desk. We discuss her long and varied career in news, how she got into social media, and the work she does today at social news desk. We also get into her tips and tricks for digital publishers to make the most out of their social strategies and whats working well right now on the platforms.

How To Build Thriving Communities Around Your Content with Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky is an award winning writer, editor and storyteller. After a long and successful career in journalism he became the head of the Coral Project at Vox Media - an open source project that seeks to help publishers build better communities around their journalism. We discuss the history of comments sections, where they lost their way, and the whys and hows of building positive communities around your publishing brand. Enjoy!

How Arran Rice Grew Simple Flying To 1.5M Unique Visitors a Month

Arran Rice is a British Entrepreneur and CEO of Simple Flying. We discuss his background, how and why he started Simple Flying - and how he's achieved such impressive growth a year down the road. This episode will be interesting for niche publishers interested in growth, and anybody thinking about starting their own news or info site. I hope you enjoy the show.

Lean Innovation in Publishing with Becky Pallack

In this episode I sit down with Becky Pallack - product manager for The Arizona Daily Star. We discuss how she learned about the lean innovation framework, how she uses it to develop successful news products, and how other publishers can do the same.

Growing a Facebook Group to over 50,000 Members with Todd Price

In this episode we sit down with Todd Price, the lead dining reporter for Todd set up the popular Facebook group "Where NOLA Eats" and grew it to 25,000 members. We discuss how he did this, how the group informs their reporting and engages their audience - and we get into his top tips for other publishers to do the same.

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