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Social Media For Digital Publishers with Apryl Pilolli

Apryl Pilolli is the head of innovation at Social News Desk. We discuss her long and varied career in news, how she got into social media, and the work she does today at social news desk. We also get into her tips and tricks for digital publishers to make the most out of their social strategies and whats working well right now on the platforms.

How To Build Thriving Communities Around Your Content with Andrew Losowsky

Andrew Losowsky is an award winning writer, editor and storyteller. After a long and successful career in journalism he became the head of the Coral Project at Vox Media - an open source project that seeks to help publishers build better communities around their journalism. We discuss the history of comments sections, where they lost their way, and the whys and hows of building positive communities around your publishing brand. Enjoy!

How Arran Rice Grew Simple Flying To 1.5M Unique Visitors a Month

Arran Rice is a British Entrepreneur and CEO of Simple Flying. We discuss his background, how and why he started Simple Flying - and how he's achieved such impressive growth a year down the road. This episode will be interesting for niche publishers interested in growth, and anybody thinking about starting their own news or info site. I hope you enjoy the show.

Lean Innovation in Publishing with Becky Pallack

In this episode I sit down with Becky Pallack - product manager for The Arizona Daily Star. We discuss how she learned about the lean innovation framework, how she uses it to develop successful news products, and how other publishers can do the same.

Growing a Facebook Group to over 50,000 Members with Todd Price

In this episode we sit down with Todd Price, the lead dining reporter for Todd set up the popular Facebook group "Where NOLA Eats" and grew it to 25,000 members. We discuss how he did this, how the group informs their reporting and engages their audience - and we get into his top tips for other publishers to do the same.

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